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 nut wine | a true  French-country tradition

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Nut Wine?

Nut wine is a sweet and pleasant traditional drink. It consists of red wine, nuts, alcohol, and sugar. Nut wine is often called the "French Port," as it is served and conserved similarly. 

100% Certified Organic

red wine  +  nuts  +  alcohol  +  sugar

Nut wine is very little known internationally, for it is truly a French tradition. Nut wine is traditionally made at “grandma’s” house in the country during the summer. French people who know this wine, often have only had it at "grandma's," as it has not been largely commercialized and sold on the market. We wanted to preserve this 600+ year old French tradition and share it to you. 


Aperitif or Digestif? 

Traditionally served as an aperitif in France, it complements a flavorful meal, but… our adult-children (and international customers) also like to drink it as a digestif, or delicious dessert wine. Our verdict : aperitif & digestif

Each year and each vintage has its own personality and title around 16.5 °, three to four degrees more than a table wine. So, a little bit goes a long way. We do not serve more than quarter glass at a time.

Our nut wine pairs with fois gras, and strong cheeses, such as: Munster, Pont-Lévêque; aged Camembert, Maroilles,Picodon...

Like any noble wine, we recommend serving after a 1 week of "rest." (Time for natural deposits to settle after moving, i.e., car trip).

Shelf Life

Opened : 6 -12 months

Unopened : 10+ years (Stored horizontally)


Drinkable at one year, good at two years, better after four years. This nut wine ages well. With our premium corks, Le Santenaire Nut Wines can be kept for several years and will gain in flavor.


Our Santenaire nut wines are vintage, that is, they carry the year of picking of the nut.


Le Santenaire pays particular attention to the conditions for rearing its vintages, with a long-term research and development program, accompanied by the Oenolysis Oenology Laboratory in Aix en Provence, France.


Our research and innovation work leads us to propose a range of nut wines that plays on the terroir of the nut, the variety of the nut, the origin and the grape variety of the wine used, the sugar level, the conditions breeding, and of course the vintage.

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