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Le Santenaire

2013 : start of "Le Santenaire" with our first "big production" of 130 experimental bottles

2014 : second production : 11 barrels (3,000 bottles) 

2016 : First year of selling 


Family Recipe


1950   First batch of family nut wine.

The start of the family recipe, called the “Pelican” recipe. “Pelican” was the name of my parents’ home (above), where this wine was made each year, and where it was passed from one generation to the next.

1961  My dear mother passes away

1962  My sisters, Marie-Thérèse and Marie-Anne, continue and perfect the recipe  


Great Uncle Albert Seibel
My father, Henri Jacques Largillier
My mother, Marguerite Largillier

A History of Hybrids

"Nut" wine making: started in my family with my parents; BUT, wine-making dates in our family a long time ago. My father, grandfather, and great-uncle were in the wine-industry. 

1886 Great-Uncle Albert Seibel invented vine "hybrid" and "raciné": which is the cross-pollinisation between French vines and American vines. (Hybrid was an experiential phase, but he then developed more wine grafting-.)

At the end of the 1800s, the French vineyards were being destroyed by phylloxera, and this vine grafting saved French vineyards. Great Uncle Albert was the one who got our family into viticulture (wine-making/wine-industry). My father, Jacques Largillier (his nephew) joined his viticulture research. Then, my father, Jacques Largillier followed.

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